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AR.c console ConsoleLogo PackageManagement BatchImport QueueManagement
AR.c Engine engineLogo LinearScaling PackagingTIme InstallerType
AR.cclient clientLogo AppVSupport NoInfrastructure PackageDocumentation RemediationTooling SingleInterface Workflow DefinedWorkflow NoInfrastructure SingleInterface
AR.c console

The AR.c console is the primary manager of source media and package management. It allows the importing of source media, creation and editing of packages, submission of packages to the AR.c engine packaging queues.

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AR.c console introduction
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AR.c engine

The AR.c engine is the automation and package creation component of the AR.c suite. Its function is to service the packaging queues, download the installation media, sequence the package and upload the output back to the AR.c database.

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AR.c engine introduction
AR.c client

The AR.c client is the package throughput and delivery software of the AR.c suite. Its function is to enable the packager to launch, remediate, document and deliver to release all packages. It also controls the package workflows.

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AR.c client introduction